As far as Pakistan and the US are concerned

In a committed relationship nothing hurts more, or is harder to recover from, than infidelity, and this is even truer when it’s the female partner who’s been doing the cheating. In recent years I’ve noticed a precipitous rise in the number of men who have been betrayed by adultery, and while there’s an overall consensus among professionals that female infidelity is on the rise, the trend doesn’t garner nearly as much attention as male infidelity That’s surprising, because female infidelity is often much more damaging to a marriage. Don’t get me wrong: Male cheating is definitely harmful.

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In China, Germany, France, Singapore, Italy and the United States, you try to confine the virus of freedom in setting guard posts at the borders of your platforms and in fact you place yourself outside cyberspace, even if you have managed, through a linguistic as well as cognitive capitalism to alienate most of the freedom and space that we imagined could one day be covered by free digital media and

Your data industries, more and more totalitarian, perpetuate themselves by proposing laws, in America and elsewhere, who claim to decide the word itself all over the world… These laws would declare that ideas are an industrial product like any other, no more noble than pig iron… Art, history, truth peoples and revolutions, nothing escapes the arbitrariness of your decisions, your tastes, your own modesty, and above all your own commercial interests and

These measures more and more hostile and your colonial they put us in the same situation as those lovers of freedom ande self-determination that had to reject the authorities of distant and evil powers

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