You literally chose some of the worst items against that comp

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The game against pantheon, lux, jhin, ziggs, and garen, you should have taken a tank rune and go for a titanic hydra build with everything else tank canada goose outlet parka items or hell, all tank canada goose outlet official items.

canada goose coats Udyr is extremely tanky and provides good CC in team fights (provided the enemy team doesn have a lot of CC), and can be built towards playing late game instead of early game. canada goose coats

For the second game, you didn build enough of both damage AND tankiness. You literally chose some of the worst items against that comp.

I would have never built triforce and gone straight for a spirit visage or maw of malmortius right after warriors and build semi tanky from there.

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canada goose coats on sale Nocturne cant beat udyr at all if you stay even/ahead and Jax gets stomped early game but beats you late game unless you go full tank. When you pick udyr, you basically go in with the mindset of ending the game before everyone hits level 18. Nobody in the entire canada goose outlet in vancouver game can beat udyr at level 3 in the jungle other than maybe Quinn (but why would she even be in the jungle) if you get a double dot off. You rush either tiamat or warriors and you take every objective you can earlymid game and take the game by the balls. canada goose coats on sale

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Canada Goose online I have also played canada goose outlet in usa in NA, EUNE and EUW a fair amount of games and i have to say NA felt the worst. The level of incompetence and ignorance is ridiculously high and canada goose outlet the quality of games is just bad. Also you can canada goose outlet location possibly say EUNE was down the least skilled server when TR, RU, OCE and many more exist. I not canada goose factory outlet defending my server, it definetily is inferior to some regions but the discrepancy between canada goose outlet store montreal NA and EUNE is almost non existent. A very good indicator to a server quality is the number of players it has, here you can see that EUNE is ahead by a pretty respectable precentage, and even if those numbers aren accurate, my point stands. Canada Goose online

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Discrepancy between EUNE and NA is that EUNE is considerably less toxic and that even in NA people play better than EUNE. canada goose outlet factory It is definitely the least skilled server in my experience. Less players does not mean the player base is bad. EUNE has talent for sure, but the average player skill canada goose outlet in new york level that i experienced in EUNE is the lowest i have come across in all the regions. This is of course my opinion, but your stats don canada goose outlet shop really support your argument to begin with.

EDIT: Number of players in a server is canada goose parka outlet uk not at all a good indicator of player skill level. OCE in general has better quality games than NA and I would say skill/toxicity ratio wise, NA and EUW takes the cake for being the worst canada goose sale uk servers, just as you said. The only reason why EUNE canada goose outlet canada isn such a bad region to play in is because the toxicity is way way lower than I imagined, probably the least toxic out of the ones I played in. 3 points submitted 1 month ago

buy canada goose jacket i dont get posts like this? do you canada goose outlet ottawa really not understand what build could use this? i mean wow atackspeed corruption, really hard to think of any build who could use canada goose outlet in toronto increased atack speed, and omg a defensive curse on hit, canada goose outlet reviews who could take use of a defensiv curse canada goose vest outlet on canada goose stockists uk hit with increased damage over time. Lately im not sure if people really post because they want a answer or post to get offers ingame. Like OH i got this insane 20 mod watcher eye, what build could use this? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale My statement was based on a precise and definite canada goose outlet price difference on what “left” and “right” consider important, and on why who is on the “left” is more likely to be interested in politics, I did not say it was better or worse. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket BUT you ( hey, ad hominem I guess, since I talking with you lol) somehow considered it “shit”. Geez, I wonder why I replied to your flame with bitterness. canadian goose jacket

I canada goose outlet vip seriously pity people who are so blind canada goose outlet store toronto that they cause the exact thing that they hate the most to come to fruition.

Canada Goose Outlet > Proceeds to flame people, then canada goose shop uk complain he can talk about politics. Canada Goose Outlet

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Except it is happening and these players are going to have to adapt, just like every other role has to, or they fall behind the curve.

If you want me to humor your completely ridiculous comparison between pro football players and pro League players then fine. Football as a game has not had any major changes to the way it been played for nearly a full century ever since the canada goose outlet niagara falls 2 3 5 and 2 2 6 formations fell out of favor. League gets changed every canada goose outlet jackets month or so. It thrives on change. It probably won be sustainable without it. In fact, if it doesn have any major changes in a 6 month period, it probably become canada goose outlet in montreal so stale that people will just stop playing.

canada goose clearance Another reason why your example is completely laughable is that a role having to completely re learn its playstyle and adapt to a new variety in champions is not a new concept in League. This isn the first time this has happened. In fact, like I already said, literally every other role has went through this huge a change at least once. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale This is just the first time it happens to bot lane players. And it not because Riot didn want them to learn new champions, but because up until now, they couldn figure out a way to make them. Regardless of what changes they introduced, just picking a ranged official canada goose outlet AD was always the best canada goose outlet in uk choice. Just like every other role, bot lane now has a variety of champion classes viable in canada goose outlet washington dc it and not just ranged marksmen. It something Riot have done many times before to other roles. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets So canada goose outlet mississauga now, bot lane players will either have to adapt, just like everyone else has had to in the past, or they fall behind in the meta. Canada Goose Jackets

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canada goose I don disagree that the analogy is stupid but so is your statement that just because the meta is changing the players are not talented if they cant. Footbal is obviously very dif. from league and this adn couple patches before it completely changed the game without any reason. The meta was okay as it was before even tho bot lane had more priority over other lanes. They fucked up jungle and bot for no reason other than just to fuck with the meta/ canada goose.