You are doing a great job with Walter

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By Alexei Oreskovic RANCHO PALOS VERDES Calif. (Reuters) Apple Inc’s newest high profile hire isn’t sure he has a job title and won’t commit to working full time at its home base derma roller, but the iPhone maker is banking on Beats co founder Jimmy Iovine to steer it through a changing music business. The recording industry veteran is joining up with Apple as part of its $3 billion acquisition of music streaming and audio equipment maker Beats.

Oh what an adorable Walter. You have found the secret, tire him out problem is, his being tired doesn last long. You are doing a great job with Walter, it takes a lot of time and they jump, bite, pee on the floor and eat your shoes and anything laying around but ebventually when you think there is no hope, they turn into a less energetic friend.

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Eventually it became a dark joke, a line we quote to each other as we prepared dinner, bought movie tickets, made a grocery list. You pick up batteries? I ask Tony, you don you know And he laugh, know, I know, the baby will strangle itself and die. Were whistling past graveyards.