Workouts that are boring tend to be demotivating

“Every time you have this many guys that are new and haven’t played together, it’s going to take some time.”Portland (7 11) is in a bit of a rebuilding mode after losing Aldridge and Matthews and trading away another former mainstay in Nicolas Batum. It devoted its attention to building around Lillard, who inked a five year, $120 million extension in July.McCollum stepped into Matthews’ starting role and has averaged 19.9 points, far better than the 6.8 he averaged in 2014 15. He scored 28 in Saturday’s win over the Los Angeles Lakers to help the Blazers win for the third time in four games, but he was held to 4 of 15 from the field and a season low 12 points in Monday’s 102 87 loss to the Clippers.Lillard had seven points in 17 minutes before leaving for like it good early in the third with an upset stomach.”Obviously Damian’s the center of our offense, gets everybody going,” McCollum said.

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