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While Sherwood School stole the limelight in the SSLC category, Shillong based St Anthony Higher Secondary School repeated last year performance by topping the HSSLC (Arts) examinations again this year. With today results, St Anthony has wrapped up all three streams with top honours. On May 10, the school nearly made a clean sweep of the science stream while succeeding in getting as many as seven students into its top 10..

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As the war drew canada goose uk black friday to an end, Morita took on a faculty position at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Meanwhile, Ibuka had founded his own endeavor, the Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute. Morita also began working for Ibuka on a part time basis.

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“The staff are helpful and person centred at the cafe, they are not clinical. They just focus on what is going on for you at that time. They understand it a bit more than at A said it offered “a safe place” as an alternative to people going to A when in a mental health crisis..

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