Tweets also surfaced of Laura Lee in 2012

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Yeah so basically she a beauty blogger who is friends with three other beauty gurus, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, and Gabriel Zamora. Last year, all of them had a falling out with the controversial but still popular beauty guru, Jeffree Star. Jeffree is very canada goose womens outlet successful with canada goose outlet los angeles his canada goose outlet new york own canada goose outlet sale makeup company, but he does receive a lot of negative attention from some racist things he said canada goose outlet in toronto in the past. (He has been a public figure since MySpace days).

buy canada goose jacket People have wondered why they all canada goose outlet boston had a falling out (unfollowing from social media, some passive aggressive subtweets about each other) but the real story hasn been revealed, although there canada goose outlet buffalo is a lot of speculation. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose Recently, with the airing of Shane Dawson 5 part series, The Secret Life of Jeffree Star, a lot of people who did not like Jeffree have decided to come around and support/forgive him, as the series shed a light on his tumultuous past, his success canada goose outlet story, and his canada goose outlet niagara falls issues. The series has given both Shane and Jeffree a canada goose outlet online store review ton of positive publicity. canada goose

Meanwhile, the 4 aforementioned beauty gurus are on a brand trip in Ibiza when Gabriel Zamora posts an Instagram of the 4 of them flipping off the camera, la a Kylie Jenner birthday Instagram post, with the caption “Bitch is bitter because canada goose outlet trillium parka black without him we doing better”. Zamora has the smallest following of the bunch. The three others liked this tweet. He then he goes on to tweet things such as “imagine stanning a racist. I could never” and goes on a mini rant obviously referring to Jeffree Star.

Canada Goose Outlet Soon, an old tweet from 2012 surfaces that Gabriel made canada goose outlet las vegas saying the N word, and people are canada goose outlet black friday sale calling him a hypocrite, since he claiming to be so morally superior to Jeffree. Tweets also surfaced of Laura Lee in 2012, saying negative things about black people canada goose outlet price and other things about fat people. They can be found here. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka Similarly, horrible tweets surfaced by Nikita that can be read here. Canada Goose Parka

After all this, Laura deleted basically her entire Twitter, and Nikita also deleted thousands of tweets. Gabriel also took down canada goose outlet mall his Twitter for a bit. All because someone decided to be petty. Jeffree posts a simple snapchat video canada goose outlet winnipeg of him just cackling clearly referring to the ensuing shitshow and the tweet that completely backfired on them and potentially ruined their careers.

canada goose clearance So basically the internet thinks they all hypocrites and Jeffree Star canada goose outlet store uk is (for the most part) in people general good graces. Laura Lee has made a big deal about her hitting 5 mil subscribers, but after all this she below 5 mil. canada goose clearance

She also posted an Apology video today that many are deeming fake canada goose outlet ontario and a ploy for sympathy since in the aftermath she liked various tweets canada goose jacket outlet toronto discussing how people are oversensitive and shouldn come at her for things she said in the past meaning she doesn really think canada goose jacket outlet uk that what she said was wrong. Anyway it all very dramatic but kind of crazy how the beauty community imploded on canada goose outlet online itself.

canada goose black friday sale make a list of things you’re grateful for. Doesn’t matter how big or small these canada goose sale uk things are. canada goose outlet online reviews Read the list over and really think about what each one means to you and how it helps you in a positive way. canada goose black friday sale

make a list of things you need help with canada goose outlet orlando (emotional support, money, getting laundry done anything at all). Acknowledge the items on the list. Once you’ve acknowledged them throw away the list, while reminding yourself that it’s okay to be aware of the list but there is no need to dwell.

canadian goose jacket Get outside. Maybe take your son for a walk? Sometimes just getting sunshine is good for the body. Deep, deep breaths of fresh air can also be refreshing and good for the mind. canadian goose jacket

Drink cold water, be aware of the chill in your throat, let it go down slowly.

Most of these ideas are based around being mindful which is so much easier said than done. Guided meditations and breathing exercises on YouTube are also very helpful, especially at canada goose victoria parka outlet night if I’m having trouble falling asleep. Hope this help a bit 🙂

Canada Goose Jackets Check the venue rules regarding bags. Often there are restrictions on size. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose store There’s an opener. Beyonc won’t be on for a couple of hours after the doors open. canada goose store

Go pee before she comes on stage. There’s nothing canada goose outlet in montreal worse than being in the bathroom at a concert and hearing your favorite song come on.

Canada Goose online Wear decently comfortable shoes. It’s dark so nobody can see how buy canada goose uk great you look in your 4 inch stilettos. It’s much better to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to walk and move around in and won’t have canada goose jacket uk you thinking about how your feet hurt. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats Take video and pictures but also live in the moment. I often see people so focused on recording a whole concert that I don’t think they really watch the show. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale If you want a drink to loosen up, have it. But don’t get so drunk that you don’t make it, have to leave, etc. I’ve seen it happen and it’s such a waste of money. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose deals HAVE FUN! You’re about to see the greatest living entertainer do her thing! You picked a fantastic first concert. canada goose deals

Enjoy Nashville. The people watching is great. So many drunk woo girl bachelorette parties.

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I can’t speak to actual parking but I’ll tell you this from experience at the Philly show:

they went off stage canada goose outlet in canada at around 11:20 but there was about 5 10 minutes of technical difficulties. I’d leave at the start of “Young Forever” if you want to leave early to avoid the traffic leaving the stadium (but you’ll miss that and Apeshit!)

I’m not sure what time your show starts but they were perfectly on time at 9pm

Canada Goose sale traffic at any stadium concert is going to be crazy. I’d park farther away from the stadium and walk to avoid some of the car/pedestrian traffic. Give yourself at least an extra canada goose factory outlet toronto location 45 60 min for parking if you don’t want to miss Chloe x Halle. DJ Khaled came on around 8:00 Canada Goose sale.