Together with the new homes in Renaissance Pointe

canada goose clearance “Currently the Berkeley Police Department is hampered during crowd events in addressing coordinated groups of violent offenders because the only tools available are batons, less lethal projectiles, smoke, and tear gas canisters. The prohibition of pepper spray as a force option limits the Police Department’s ability to respond effectively to acts of violent attacks and to protect those engaged in lawful First Amendment Activities.”In the report, Greenwood said a canada goose sale pepper spray aerosol dispenser would allow officers to use “a direct, limited application of force to repel specific attackers,” whereas tear gas canisters release a cloud of chemical irritation into a larger area that could harm peaceful protesters or uninvolved community members.He added that all BPD officers have been trained on the “proper application, target areas, medical response and reporting requirements” associated with pepper spray. He emphasized that when officers use pepper spray, a use of force report is submitted and then sent to the council, which helps hold the department accountable to the community.BPD has faced criticism in the past for excessive force, most notably in the case of Kayla Moore, a transgendered Black woman who died in custody, and the December 2014 Black Lives Matter protests.Greenwood cited examples of past protests in the report, including the Milo Yiannopoulos protest Feb. canada goose clearance

canada goose outlet sale “I continue to be encouraged by the progress we’re seeing in southeast Fort Wayne and throughout our community,” Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry said in a statement. “The City has been working in partnership with neighborhood leaders to redevelop this property for almost 10 years and I am pleased to see this innovative project get underway. Together with the new homes in Canada Goose Sale Renaissance Pointe, the McMillen Park Community Center, the completion of the Winter Street Urban Farm, construction of new trails and millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements, the Posterity Scholar House will contribute to the ongoing revitalization of this area and offer new opportunities and hope for residents.”. canada goose outlet sale

canada goose black friday sale First, they voted to approve a plan to hire Toronto based Cumulus Architects to complete a site plan strategy for the event centre, casino and hotel (resolution 1). “on a single source basis with Cumulus Architects Inc. For the development of a Canada Goose Outlet site design strategy at a cost not to exceed $387,000 plus applicable taxes, with costs to be shared by Cheap Canada Goose Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited and with 1915695 Ontario Limited (Zulich) such that the city’s share does not exceed one third of the total cost,” a staff report indicated. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose Another photo, however, which appeared on the front page of Thursday’s Sentinel, gives me hope that the United States and its Western allies have decided to do something about canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose a newer form of appeasement they have allowed far too long. This photo depicts a thick plume of gray smoke, rising from a Serbian ammunition depot. Perhaps some of the shells destroyed there would have eventually been dropped on Bosnian citizens foraging for food, water and medicine canada goose.