Today, Borr Drilling can sway markets

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The property encompasses about 200 acres and includes about 140 acres of farmland, which is rented. Borgen said he had removed several buildings on the property, but had left the house in hopes that its presence would discourage people from trespassing. But he said the house has been destroyed by vandals and people taking copper and other items of value..

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Sign in / Join NowSummaryOn February 22, 2018, accordingto Borr Drilling, it has made a binding tender agreement to offer to purchase all outstanding shares in Paragon Offshore for $232.5 million.Borr will, following completion of the transaction, own 24 premium jack ups built after 2000 and become the world’s largest premium jack up rig operator.As more offshore drillers see that the market is slowly improving, I expect the industry to be more willing to invest using Borr Drilling unique concept as its bullish argument.Image: Prospector 1 jackup. Moored near Borkum, NetherlandsBusiness Thesis Borr Drilling (BDRILL: OL) is an aggressive newcomer to the offshore drilling industry, especially in the jackup segment. In around 14 months, Borr Drilling has gone from a state of non existence to owning 58 jackups soon (including Paragon Offshore fleet).Borr Drilling has raised money surprisingly fast and secured conservative amounts of debt financing.Today, Borr Drilling can sway markets.

“I will not return to The Two Guys Named Chris Show,” James, who was one of the hosts on the Rock 92 morning show, wrote on her official Facebook page. “It was a great run and I am beyond grateful for the experiences and iphone 6 plus case relationships I made over the years. All is well and I am excited for my next chapter.”.