They need that extra touch of positive reinforcement

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bags replica ysl Purdue University Libraries Associate Professor Reynol Junco surveyed 2,359 college students with an average age of 22 years old to understand how gender Yves Saint Laurent replica handbags, ethnicity and socioeconomic status affected their time spent on and usage of the social networking site. The survey participants were asked to estimate how much time they spent on Facebook and what they did during that time. (However, a previous study by Junco showed self reporting to be an inaccurate representation of the time students actually spent browsing the site.)But those whose parents completed a lower level of education a proxy for socioeconomic status were less inclined to engage in seven of 14 of core social activities on Facebook, including tagging photos, messaging privately, chatting on the site and creating or RSVPing to events, according to the study.While the study did not determine if there were any activities that students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds were more likely to engage in, what those students are less likely to do on the site is notable, Junco wrote.”[I]t can be concluded that those from lower SES [socio economic status] are less likely to use Facebook for exactly the types of activities for which Facebook was created communicating, connecting, and sharing with others replica Yves Saint Laurent,” writes Junco. bags replica ysl

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