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Later on I would discover that an acquaintance of mine from grade school was just as preemie in 1974, the year of my own birth. Forty years ago, 30 weeks Gestational Age (GA) was not seen as a “dream case” for neonatologists (as neonatologist Richard Auerbach, refers to most 30 week NICU arrivals) caring for preemies of lower gestational age. However, not having heard the success stories, which would trickle in during my twins’ 5 week NICU stay, I sobbed when I saw my little “chickens” (in my mind then).

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Member Country – 189

* Note: Asian Development Bank (ADB) in India’s GDP growth rate in 2018-19
ADB President: Takeheiko Nakao < br>
ADB headquarters – Mandaluyang, Philippines

Member Country – 67


United Nations General Secretary – Antonio Guterres

UN Headquarters – New York,
Member Country – 193

Fitch CEO – Paul Taylor

Fitch Ratings Headquarters – New York, < br> *
India Ratings and Research MD & CEO – Rohit Sahni

India Ratings & Research Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mrs Chrysal MD & CEO – Ashu Suysh

Chrysal Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra

President of FICCI – Pankaj Patel

FICCI Headquarters – New Delhi, India

Director General of CSO – Devendra Verma

CSO Headquarters – New Delhi, India

Nomura CEO: Kozi Nagai

Nomura Headquarters – Minato, Tokyo, Japan

HSB CEO: Stuart Gulliver

HSBC Headquarters – London, UK

Note: OECD has increased the growth rate of India’s GDP in 2018-19
OECD Secretary General : Angel Guria

OECD Headquarters – Paris, France

Member Country – 35

NCAER President – Nandan Nilekani

NCAER Headquarters – New Delhi, India

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