The process, in broad strokes, is this:Find securities with

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iphone 6 plus case We’ll recap that process here briefly, and then explain how you can implement it yourself. Finally, we’ll present an example of a hedged portfolio that was constructed this way with an automated tool. The process, in broad strokes, is this:Find securities with high expected returns.Find securities that are relatively inexpensive to hedge.Buy a handful of securities that score well on the first two criteria; in other words, buy a handful of securities with high expected returns net of their hedging costs (or, ones with high net expected returns).Hedge them.The potential benefits of this approach are twofold:If you are successful at the first step (finding securities with high expected returns), and you hold a concentrated portfolio of them, your portfolio should generate decent returns over time.If you are hedged, and your return estimates are completely wrong, on occasion or a bear market strikes without warning your downside will be strictly limited iphone 6 plus case.