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Replica Hermes Bags I a little confused about where I stand on the Great Patchouli Question. Both Karma, and TF White Patchouli have this raspy quality which I dislike. I assumed this raspy ness, this catch that they have, was a quality of the patchouli note. Attempted expropriation by the association Family and Education field of Mr Jean-André Ahipeaud Ahipeaud
the designer of smartphones and tablets SATURN

CEO of
Chronology of events:

November 21, 2007: Mr AHIPEAUD acquires 3000 m2 in Abatta extension from the family ATCHADO represented by Yapi Victor the head of the family after signature of a letter of cession by the family in the presence of the village chiefdom which thus produced a certificate of December 2007: With the certificate of family transfer + of the village certificate we go to the cadastre of Bingerville and the Sous Prefecture to obtain a letter of April 2008: After several months of investigation of commodo and inconvenienced the Sous Préfet of Bingerville in coordination with the services of the Ministry of Construction signs the Award Letter
May 2008: Introduction of the application of ACP with the services of the Ministry of Construction after the 2008: the topographic survey shows that the field of Mr AHIPEAUD is the 1st limited of the 2010: Mr DEMBELE intermediary of Family and Education contacts Mr. AHIPEAUD to say to move his ground, refusal categorical of Mr 2010: Mr AHIPEAUD makes to build a fence inside the terminals and made register the ground to the court of Abidjan by a usher of 2013: Sodecaf Construction belonging to Martin Frigola one of the founders of Family and Education destroyed at the instigation of Family and Education a pan ( 70m) from the fence of Mr AHIPEAUD and is introduced on the plot to destroy the signs indicating the titles of Mr November 2014: Sodecaf Construction conviction to the compensation for damage suffered by Mr December 2014: Family and Education made an offer of purchase to Maître ENOKOU Gustave the lawyer of Mr AHIPEAUD, refusal of Mr AHIPEAUD
December 2014: Mr AHIPEAUD means the decision of the court in Mi Ministry of Construction by exploit of camerasier
April 2015: Mr. AHIPEAUD having learned that Family and Education tries to integrate his plot in theirs, makes a formal opposition to the Ministry of Construction awarded by exploit of April 2016: Mr AHIPEAUD returns from Paris then surrenders to the Ministry to inquire about the status of his file
31 May 2016: Mr AHIPEAUD learns by mail from Mr DOSSO the Legal Director of the Ministry that his land is found in the ACD granted to Family and Education and that he can not do anything for June 2016: Administrative appeal to the Minister of construction delivered by bailiff (no answer)
November 2016: Seizure of the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of appeal for Excess of Power of the Ministry of Construction (not yet tried to date)
January 2017: Complaint for forgery and use of forgery against DEMBELE Ousmane (teacher at the urban architecture center of the University of Abidjan) presumed ground of Mr AHIPEAUD and Yapi François President of the association Family and Education operating the school group Etimoé and Replica Hermes Bags.