The first part of the book includes chapters on general sources

The government is surrounded by all sides. Income is decreasing. Increase expenditure on welfare schemes. Les Parfums de Rosine has designated Secrets de Rose as the “seductress” of its fragrance family, but this scent really isn’t as heady or animalic as the promotional text would have us believe. Its opening note of bitter orange, accompanied by a breath of cumin and anise, is almost androgynous; there’s also a hint of something that I can’t place, except that it reads as “sour green” to my nose (perhaps galbanum?). Within a half hour, however, Secrets de Rose blooms into a feminine rose saffron heart that’s smoothly blended and long lasting.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guteres to West Africa and the Sahel announced the appointment of its new Deputy Special Representative as Ruby Sandhu-Rojn.

Italy will host G-7 interior ministers summit on security issues

Indian Super League football team Kerala Blasters FC announced partnership with Hyderabad Football Academy (HFA), under which it will be reinforced by finding talent at grass root level.

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