The cards in the film have a red back

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Mr. Executive Secretary, Head of Executive Secretariat,
Distinguished Vice-Presidents
Distinguished Members of the Executive Secretariat,
Distinguished Delegates, Departmental and Local Delegates,
Distinguished Coordinators of the Great Regional Council
Ladies and Gentlemen, < br>
I would like, before addressing the important topic that brings us this day of January 11, 2018, to tell you all my satisfaction to receive you, again for some of you, to
I feel this visit as a mark of great esteem and love and I would like, in return, to express my gratitude and that of my wife, for all the wishes you have expressed for the year 2018, while wishing you back to you and your respective families, a happy new year
cost with particular attention, the summary of the general report, presented by the Executive Secretary of the PDCI-RDA, relating to the results of the roadmap of the Deputies over the period from June 15 to end of November
This report eloquently reflects the careful work done by you in the delegations in liaison with the Executive Secretary in charge of the departmental Hermes Replica and communal sections and delegations of the PDCI-
Also, I would like to congratulate you, Distinguished Delegates and members of the all the instances of your respective areas and especially our valiant and intrepid Secretaries General of Section which constitutes the true base, the heads of the specialized structures of the PDCI-RDA, which are the UFPDCI-urban and Rural and the JPDCI-urban and
I urge you to continue this work of data collection which remains an index of appreciation of the vitality of our and gone on the
As much, we can rejoice to have a staff pbased on 70% of the data collected, we must question the actual number of such political staff in relation to the target of 1.5 million PDCI-RDA voters set by the Bingerville seminar if we improve the rate of data collected by bringing it between 80 to 90%.

This work must be continued until the end of January 2018 in order to produce consolidated data that will locate us on the real level of political personnel of the PDCI-RDA throughout the territory
Regarding the seven (07) delegations who did not participate in the restitution sessions, it is up to you to organize the last sessions of catching up for a complete control of the data at the level
As for the difficulties met during these works and the various recommendations, we will study them serenely but for the moment, a favorable continuation is granted to some of them; to know:
– the imperative repayment of the discounts to the delegations; – the issue of the cards to the militants who paid their membership and dues in 2014 and not having received their cards of
In regard of the quality work of restitution of the data of the ground, all my congratulations to the Executive Secretary of the PDCI-RDA, for having managed with efficiency the actions carried out by the Executive Secretary in charge of the sections and Delegations to which we send all our encouragements in the exercise of collection and exploitation of the data transmitted by each
For the attention of the new delegates but also the old ones, I would like to resume the remarks which I held a few years ago, on the role which you must play in our organization
Moreover, the delegate must ensure and coordinate the activities of the Secretaries General of Section in his
You are, since the seminar of reframing, held in B ingerville, numbering two hundred and twenty (220) for oneAs you all know, the operation to which you have been subjected aims to prepare us for the deadlines But it goes without saying that this objective can not be reached in the disorder and in the time, indeed, our house seems inhabited by an evil whose names are disorder, indiscipline, disobedience, cacophony, violence The spokespersons we named must play their role without constraint, but with appropriate language, putting aside their moods and their feelings
At the 12th PDCI RDA Congress, I was elected with more than 83 percent of the votes: it was a I wanted to remember these things so that amalgam is avoided now that in reality do not serve anything and will lead us to zero In truth, everyone does as it sees fit and spreads in newspapers other than newspapers close to the PDCI-RDA, which find there a boon to sell more their
Those who want to incarnate in loudspeakers must do so knowing their role You are the spokesperson of the party.Point of controversy between micro and high-ladies and gentlemen Departmental and Communal Delegates
As well as I mentioned it in my New Year message, I invite you to gather around you, the executives and the elected representatives of your delegations in order to lead and manage together, effectively the activities of the I insist on this point, the delegates must work closely with the secretaries of this complementarity between all the forces of the party at the local level will undoubtedly contribute to increase the effectiveness of its actions on the
It is also important for you to mobilize the activists to register on the electoral lists, so that all can participate in the electoral consultations that are announced and to complete the supervision of the youth of the PDCI-RDA throughout the territory National Assembly, through the effective establishment in your delegations of the JPDCI estudiAntine And finally, the activist, and this in accordance with the statutes, is the one who is up to date of his We must devote the new year to an in-depth work, tending to challenge ourselves and especially to give us that culture of the discipline that We miss For the municipal, regional and senatorial elections that will take place this year, I instruct the Executive Secretary of the Party, in order to propose to us as soon as possible the modalities of our better participation in these elections in Dear Companions
> The wise man said: When you speak, have mercy on him who is’
That’s why I finish my remarks and say to you:
Welcome back to your homes and again, a very good and happy new year 2018 at

Done at Daoukro, January 11, 2018 Hermes Birkin Replica.