The blood of victims hurt at roadsites will be on your hands

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Replica Hermes handbags We’re trying to take a middle course.”Yet rank and file officers who are paid to guard utililty crews at roadsites have not been swayed. They remain steadfast in their opposition, arguing Replica Hermes that the absence of police could jeopardize the safety of motorists or work crews.The blood of victims hurt at roadsites will be on your hands. I hold you responsible,” declared Juan Gonzalez, a 10 year Bridgeport police veteran, as Replica Hermes Bag he addressed the legislative committee.Police argue that their presence on the street deters crime and blasted Fonfara’s plan to have former welfare recipients direct traffic.Who’s going to be these flaggers? Crackheads, reformed alcoholics? People who didn’t hold a job before?” Gonzalez asked. Replica Hermes handbags

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