The architectural theory is described at both the task

GREEN TEA ESSENCE MASK – GREEN TEA ESSENCE MASK – 100gr Ingredients: ✅ Ingredients: – Green Tea Essence – Mineral Vitamins: Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium,…
– Vitamin E, C, K
– Natural antioxidant
– AHA & Amini acid

– Helps skin whiten, brighten
– Helps clear acne, anti-bacterial skin
– Improves the condition of oily skin, dark black
– Helps close pores
– Anti-aging, reduce wrinkles effectively > – Skin care acne lesions
✅ How to use:
– Wash your face with cool water
– Take about 5 – 10gr green tea mixed with water to make a mixture and then put on the skin. – After 15-20p remove the face mask and rinse with warm water – 1 week of use 2-3 times for high efficiency.

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