That why I stick with the smaller tax sales in rural areas

Let me remind you first of the required legal disclosures which you see on the screen before you and which is also provided for those who are following on the webcast. I did have a couple logistical items to remind you of. Please silence your mobile phones if you haven’t done so already, and I did want to inform each of you that we will be providing a flash drive of all of the presentations for you at the conclusion of today’s meeting.

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Not quite, but with the Mercedes A Class, Audi A3 and VW MkVII Golf all arriving this year, the new Volvo V40 will have its work cut out.On the outside, the five door is squat and low 1.8m wide and 1.4m tall. This goes against the class’s trend for higher roofed designs. The 4.4m long body is handsome, with a shiny black grille that hides a number of safety cameras.Inside, it’s roomy in the front, with easily the most comfortable seats in the class, but there’s not much storage space and the door pockets are small.

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