Son m l’a prise en charge, et l’a arr quelques jours

He said new ways to measure the butterfly population are necessary.Del Mazo said Monday tthat he government is awaiting data from a laser scanning technology known as LIDAR.A cluster of monarch butterflies winters together in the trees in Mexico. (Darlene Burgess )On the positive side, Rickards noted that illegal logging in the Mexico reserve was nearly eliminated last year with the help of gendarmes who patrol the area. He said 0.65 hectared (1.6 acres) was lost to illegal logging last year, compared to 12 hectares (29.6 acres) the prior year.”On one hand, Mexico has done its work as far as controlling logging, but on the other hand Mexico is not free of the global phenomena implied by climate change and we have to be ready to confront and take measures to be able to adapt to this reality,” Rickards said..

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