Professor Hoegh Guldberg is deeply motivated by a desire to

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iphone 8 case “I hoping for a mild winter. I hoping for two more mild winters,” he said at the village Public Works station, getting in his holiday wish early. But. Areas of responsibilityProfessor Ove Hoegh Guldberg is the inaugural Director of the Global Change Institute (GCI) and Professor of Marine Science, at The University of Queensland.Professor Hoegh Guldberg is deeply motivated by a desire to communicate science effectively, undertake game changing research and to find high impact solutions to address several of the most pressing and serious challenges facing humanity worldwide, such as climate change, food security, clean energy and population growth.As Director of the GCI Professor Hoegh Guldberg has a key role in engaging with the UQ community and external stakeholders to create opportunities and build strong external links and networks for the institute. He heads a large research laboratory (over 30 researchers students) that focuses on how global warming and ocean acidification are affecting and will affect coral reefs.Professor Hoegh Guldberg has held academic positions at UCLA, Stanford University, The University of Sydney and The University of Queensland and is a member of the Australian Climate Group; the Royal Society (London) Marine Advisory Network; and the Board of Editing Reviewers at Science Magazine. In 1999 he was awarded the Eureka Prize for his scientific research. iphone 8 case

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