Placement on kickoffs was bad

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Hermes Birkin Replica The loss eliminated the Jets from AFC playoff contention.Jake Locker’s 13 yard touchdown run with 20 seconds left in the third quarter was the game winning score as Tennessee (5 9) prevailed for just the second time in seven games. New York dropped to 6 8 thanks to a performance rife with critical errors.Sanchez went 13 for 28 for 131 yards, throwing two picks each to Jason McCourty and Michael Griffin. The last one went to Griffin at the 2 yard line with 1:52 remaining, but the Jets got one more chance when Brett Kern shanked a 19 yard punt out of bounds at the Titans’ 25 yard line.However, center Nick Mangold’s snap on first down fell at Sanchez’s feet Hermes Birkin Replica.