Our great country was born out of revolution from a repressive

Larry Pratt on guns in America

On the heels of the tragic Newtown, Conn. school shooting which left 26 people dead, this evening Morgan Tonight invited Larry moncler sale Pratt to the program to share his strong perspective on the firearm debate.

we have moncler outlet online concealed carry laws in all of our country now, people can get a concealed firearm. And yet, cheap moncler sale we have laws that say not in schools, the moncler outlet sale Executive Director of Gun Owners of America said. so in the very places that have been sought out by monsters such as the murderer of these adults and children, we moncler outlet woodbury saying, we don want you to be able to defend yourself. It better that you just sit there and wait to be killed. And we find that morally incomprehensible. says best moncler jackets he deeply disturbed by the anti gun supporters. It disturbing, that the desire to defend life has been so cast aside. And to whatever political correctness views guns as the ultimate evil. Evil in our hearts. Not in cheap moncler coats mens the guns.

The staunch defendant of the Second Amendment tried moncler outlet prices to explain that the gun problems in America occur solely where guns aren allowed. problem occurs, sir, in those areas cheap moncler jackets mens precisely where we have said no guns. The problem doesn occur where the guns are allowed freely to be carried to be used by people. There we have very low murder rates. the clip, and listen to the interview, as Pratt tries moncler outlet store to explain why he said lawmakers have on their hands. Follow Morgan Tonight on Twitter

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I strongly support your position and your tone Piers Morgan. I am an moncler online store elementary school teacher in Montreal, Ca uk moncler sale and I can visualize a teacher with a gun. I hope you discuss this important aspect with some personalities from the civilized non western world. Thanks, Thourya

December 18, 2012 at 10:43 pm

As an ex officer I somewhat concerned that your argument, while correct, discount moncler jackets is too focused on AR15 weapons. You have neglected to address the other concerns, among them handguns (made only to kill people; they not hunting weapons), armour piercing bullets again, people (cop) killers, and the other weapons and protective gear (thinking of the LA robbery and shootout) that have no place in the world I personally would like to see a ban on all, but especially on the weapons whose only reason for manufacture is to kill another human.

December 18, 2012 at 11:44 pm

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As a grown man moncler usa who grew up with a war veteran/professional gunsmith for a father, I thought I could add a liitle something to this. Every gun, pistol or rifle, is https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz first and foremost a single shot gun. Whole wars were fought with single shot guns. The problem comes when we decided it is legal to have high capacity magazines for these rifles and pistols. If they would ban the use and possesion of these magazines yes, their would still be some uk moncler outlet out their, but if the punishment was very high if caught with one, you would start to put a dent in style murders. The NRA cannot deny this fact! Please don get me wrong, I own a six shot revolver for personal home defense and for when I am out in the mountains, I live in the rockies of northern Idaho. I have never once thought God, what I would give for a 18 moncler sale online round, high capacity magazine right now Let alone a 30 round capacity or more! Assault rifles are for spraying many bullets at once, usually without perfect aim, in less than perfect moncler womens jackets conditions(like the jungles of Vietnam), to achieve a goal of collateral damage in high numbers, unlike a hunter or home defender, who should know how to use his gun with some precision.

December 19, 2012 at 2:05 am

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rifles and pistols, are only because of their ability to handle, and shoot many rounds of ammo. An AR 15 is a single shot, semi auto rifle(unless illegally modified to be fully automatic), that you could actually use for hunting. If the time comes that the average citizen really has to pick up arms to defend this country from terrorists or invasions(real war time) from other countries, I guarantee you our government will be handing out all the guns and ammo we could possibly need or want in a very short amount of time!

December 19, 2012 at 2:56 am

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In response to wessied comment about my father teaching me. You did not moncler uk outlet clearly read my comment or, clearly read the second amendment. I did not say that you could only have a single shot gun, It is ok with me if the clip capacity is six. If a bear is that close to you, chances are he stalked you, and you will moncler sale outlet not even have time to respond period! You sir, read my comment with blinders on, and a narrow, uneducated mind! You do nothing to help out the second amendment rights you hold so close. It is not about hunting or target shooting. It was written mainly for 2 reasons. An armed population is much harder to invade, that part Kyle you got right, but the other reason was to keep the government in check. If there cheap moncler jackets womens ever came a time when our government became so repressive that we needed to over throw it, I myself wouldn’t want to be the one standing in line waiting for the government to give me a 30 round clip. Back when it was written they probably did not imagine assault rifles with 30 round magazines, but it was believed that the citizens should have the same arms as the government. That is the only way to keep the government in check. Our great country was born out of revolution from a repressive government, this was fresh on the minds of our fore fathers when the 2nd amendment was written.

I do not believe that teachers should have to carry, but I do believe that if they wanted to they should be allowed to. I also strongly believe that if the principal had been carrying there would have been shots exchanged at the entry and the shooter would have never gained entry.

Timothy McVeigh killed 186 people, 19 were children under the age of 6. He used fertilizer and diesel fuel. Sick people kill other people for no reason. Do we blame the car when a drunk driver kills someone?

I own guns, I target shoot, I hunt and none of my guns have ever even been pointed at another person. I was moncler outlet raised to respect guns, but foremost to respect cheap moncler jackets other people. We live in a nation that glorifies violence and then we are shocked when something like this happens. I can turn on the TV and watch CSI or other shows like it where there are mutilated bodies and people being killed in all sorts of bizarre ways. I can go to a game store and buy games that emulate what this shooter did, burst into a room and shoot up everything in graphic detail, but this violence that we feed our children every day is OK. We are reaping what we sow. If we raise our children on violence we will have violent young adults.


December 20, 2012 at 11:33 am

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I also a retired officer. For the past few days I been reading your mindless dribble and have come to the conclusion that you and other brain amputee on the second amendment will not change. I do know this, however: Change is coming, certain moncler sale weapons will be banned, but second amendment rights will not be infringed upon. Since you support private ownership of assault weapons (presumably you have one), that will make you a criminal. Oh well, one less redneck buffoon walking the streets.