”Now I’ve learned that I definitely want to go into politics

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canada goose outlet sale It didn’t end when our sessions were over. We would continue arguing and talking about it even when we were in our hotel rooms,” Erin said.Erin’s mother, Cathy Scarbeau, said she’s proud that her daughter was one of five Florida students to participate in the program, but she’s prouder that Erin raised the money to pay for the trip by herself.”She made it like a little part time job,” Cathy Scarbeau said. ”She wrote to different lawyers and organizations asking them to be her sponsors, and she got it.”She’s the type of person who knows what she wants and is determined to get canada goose outlet it.”Students not only gain an understanding of government, they also learn how to participate, said the program’s communication director, Joseph Rosica.”We offer the program to help prepare them for future roles as civic leaders,” Rosica said.He said the program gets ”a lot of positive feedback.”Erin said she always knew she wanted to practice law but wasn’t sure about a career in politics.”Now I’ve learned that I definitely want to go into politics,” she said. canada goose outlet sale

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