Nothing sounded out of place of out of balance

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canada goose jackets on sale May 25, 1987By Kenneth Michael of The Sentinel StaffSPREAD THIN. The latest available figures bear out the complaints of bankers that their interest margins have narrowed sharply during the past year, according to a report by Salomon Brothers Inc., the New Canada Goose Sale York investment banking company.The interest margin often called the ”spread” is the difference between what a bank receives in interest on Canada Goose Outlet its loans and what it pays to obtain deposits and other funds. The spread is normally the most important element of a bank’s profitability.The Salomon Brothers’ report stated that, among the institutions it tracks, the large regional banks are benefiting from larger spreads than the giant money center banks but the difference has narrowed in the past 12 months.The average interest spread for regionals in the first three months of the year was 3.7 percent canada goose jackets on sale.