Most of these models said they hadn’t reported these incidents

Photographer Terry Richardson Sexually Assaulted Designer In His Studio Doorway

never planned to speak publicly about her experiences with prolific fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The New York City based designer and model considers buy moncler jackets herself a private person. She never wanted to harm anyone’s livelihood or hurt her own career or moncler outlet “cause drama” by divulging her story, she says.

cheap moncler jackets sale But some stories are too important to stay buried forever especially at a moment when thousands of accounts, some similar to the one Jones has kept close to her chest, are being excavated. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet sale Jones contacted HuffPost last month to talk about Richardson, famous for shooting the likes of Miley Cyrus, Beyonc, Rihanna, Lena Dunham, Oprah Winfrey, James Franco, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto, Kate Moss and former President Barack Obama. coffee. She said she ended up leaving his studio in tears after Richardson cornered her, pulled out his penis and assaulted her. moncler outlet sale

She said she chose to come forward now because she believes it could help other women specifically younger women entering the modeling and fashion industry today. Though Jones stressed that the culture of predatory men in fashion includes more than just Richardson,he is certainly emblematic of the problem. The photographer has faced public allegations of sexual misconduct and assault for nearly a decade, but he has denied the abuse accusations and has continued to get work from major brands and publications.

moncler outlet jackets Many of his defenders,(and Richardson himself)reason that the incidents happened during the making of sexually charged art, when lines supposedly get blurred. But Jones’ story is different. In her telling, Richardson assaulted her after she’d barely gotten in the door. moncler outlet jackets

cheap moncler Through his attorney, Lisa M. Buckley, Richardson “adamantly” denied Jones’ allegations. In a letter, Buckley referred to Jones as “an opportunistic publicity seeker” and said her account of the incident is “completely inconsistent with her actions over the ensuing years.” Buckley cited emails sent by Jones in which she asked to model for Richardson, retweets from Jones’ Twitter account and two comments on an Instagram post. cheap moncler

moncler outlet online When presented with Buckley’s letter, Jones told HuffPost via text,”It still happened so I’m not [too] alarmed.” Of her wish to work with Richardson after the alleged assault,Jones said, cheap moncler sale “I was brainwashed into thinking it was good for my career but I feel more empowered now.” moncler outlet online

Jones said she first met Richardson outside of Balthazar, an expensive and perpetually sceney French restaurant in New York, sometime in 2007. Richardson was with a friend, sitting on a bench outside the restaurant. Jones said they began speaking after he motioned her over and asked where she was from. They talked about Utah Jones is from Utah, and Richardson told her he had an ex girlfriend who grew up Moncler Outlet there and he expressed interest in doing a photo shoot with her. He was already a well known photographer, and Jones, a longtime model and emerging designer, was intrigued. She gave him her number, and they started texting about scheduling over the following few weeks.

cheap moncler jackets That’s when Jones began to feel nervous. She knew that Richardson did traditional fashion shoots, but she had also seen photos of moncler sale outlet his that were more risque, even what she considered “vulgar.” Richardson was and is well known for these hyper sexualized photos, some of which feature him engaging in sex acts. Jones was wary of the style. She was married at the time to a man she describes as French and “super traditional,” and she was worried that if she was photographed in an explicit way, it would upset her husband. At the time, she had not heard any stories about Richardson being abusive toward the models he worked with. cheap moncler jackets

moncler sale outlet “I’m very much into art and curating and design,” said Jones. “I’m very much OK with the nude body. even erotic artwork I like sometimes. But there was an element to this particular artwork that had a real vulgarity to it that I was uncomfortable with.” moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler outlet So instead of automatically agreeing to work with Richardson, Jones asked if they could meet for coffee to discuss the shoot’s mood. cheap moncler outlet

As soon as she arrived at the studio, Jones said, things took a dark turn. moncler outlet store She said she was cornered almost immediately by Richardson, who had a dog with him.

moncler outlet uk “He didn’t let me pass the doorway,” she said. “If anything, he more, like, cornered me in the doorway with his dog and told me to get on my knees immediately. No ‘How are you?’ No coffee offered. No ‘Welcome to my office. This is my bedroom. How was your day? Can I take your bag?’ nothing. It was only, ‘Get on your knees.'” moncler outlet uk

moncler factory outlet Jones was so startled and scared a “deer in the headlights,” as she described it that she acquiesced and got on her knees. “Now that I’m older, maybe I would have ran out,” she said, engaging in a familiar kind of “what if” mental exercise. “I just didn’t feel very secure.” moncler factory outlet

Once Jones was on her knees, she said, Richardson pulled out his penis and told her to “suck his dick.” She told HuffPost that he then attempted to force his penis into her eye socket. moncler sale He did this with such force that Jones remembers thinking that he might have given her a black eye. “I just wanted it to moncler mens jackets be over so I could leave,” she said, later adding: “He kind of turned me into. [in] that moment I was at his monlcer down jackets disposal, as a commodity.”

Richardson eventually masturbated to completion, said Jones, ejaculating in her mouth after ordering her to “swallow it like a good girl.” After the assault, Jones said, Richardson immediately told her to leave his apartment, cheap moncler coats directing her to pull up her low riding pants on her way out. (She remained clothed during the assault.) Richardson never even brought up the photo shoot they were supposed to discuss.

“He was like, ‘You need to leave. I have a meeting. Pull your pants up,'” said Jones. Despite rarely crying before that, Jones remembers leaving the cheap moncler jackets studio in tears, walking down to Canal Street and weeping on the sidewalk.

Over the following five weeks, Jones said, Richardson would text her sexually explicit requests, asking her again to “suck his dick.” After the fifth text, she responded “no” and deleted his number. She said she deleted the texts, too.

moncler jackets outlet Jones’ experience with Richardson bears similarities to allegations made by other women against the photographer. In 2010, model Jamie Peck accused Richardson of getting naked during a photoshoot and telling her to touch his penis. In 2014, Anna del Gaizo accused the photographer of pressing his penis repeatedly cheap moncler outlet into the side of her face during a photoshoot, and model Sena Cech described a “revolting and humiliating” professional experience during which, she said, Richardson’s assistant asked her “to grab his penis and twist it really hard.” moncler jackets outlet

Despite the wide airing given these stories over the past several years, only in the last few months has Richardson begun to face lasting consequences. In October, both Cond Nast and Hearst cut ties with the photographer. (Richardson had reportedly already shot the January 2018 cover of Elle magazine.) Diesel dropped him, as did Valentino and Bulgari. (Other brands, includingH vowed to stop working with the photographer back in 2013.) But Richardson has continued to associate himself with smaller publications, such asDocument Journal, Purple Magazine and CR Fashion Book (former Vogue Paris Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld’s magazine) as recently as October. HuffPost contacted all three publications to ask if they planned to work with Richardson in the future and received no response.

The photographer also maintains representation through Art Partner and an ongoing relationship with Galerie Perrotin in New York and Paris. Perrotin did not respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

moncler outlet store In the immediate aftermath, Jones said, she kept the incident to herself and never considered reporting it to the police or her agency. After all, she still worked in the fashion industry an industry in which Richardson was a known, powerful entity. moncler outlet store

This reaction is a fairly common one. According to a 2012 report put out by The Model Alliance, 86.8 percent of models reported having been asked to pose nude without advance notice, nearly 30 percent of models said they had experienced inappropriate touching on the job and 28 percent said they had been pressured to have sex with someone at work. Most of these models said they hadn’t reported these incidents to anyone in part because they didn’t believe their agencies would be responsive or even see an issue.

moncler jacket sale Eventually though, Jones did confide in someone: her best friend, musician and model Sibyl Buck. moncler jacket sale

moncler outlet Buck confirmed to HuffPost that she and Jones discussed the incident several times over the years, and she recalled their first conversation happening around 2008. “What really struck me as so repulsive is that she described how he was abusive with his dick,” Buck said. She also told HuffPost that “everybody knew” in the fashion industry the stories of Richardson’s abusive behavior though before Jones confided in her, Buck had only heard generalized accounts about the photographer. moncler outlet

Jones said she has interacted with Richardson only once since the”coffee meeting.”In September 2013, she was hired to model for the Diesel Playboy calendar, which Richardson was shooting. She grappled with whether to take the job but eventually decided to, feeling it was a smart career move. (More well known models, such as Stella Maxwell, participated.) She also assumed there would be a large production team, which meant Richardson would probably behave. (“Around celebrities he doesn’t act the same way,” said Jones.)

cheap moncler coats When she got to the moncler outlet online shoot, Richardson introduced himself as though they had never met. At some point, moncler outlet sale they discussed Utah again, and Jones remembers Richardson talking about his father. cheap moncler coats

“I can see why people like him,” said Jones. “I’m sure he has this really great, charismatic, creative side. It’s just that he still did the other thing.”.