Most of the time, the cashier has to bag the groceries after

Tag your own produce and bag your groceries

it not always, but shit. participate and make it easier for the next person. you were the canada goose next person when YOU were waiting. I not unrealistic. It gonna take some time to get through the process, but why be there doing nothing or be fucking w your phone in line when you could be buy canada goose jacket bagging YOUR OWN SHIT instead of just standing there? There aren really that many people working there 24/7 to cater to you. Why is this so difficult?I sure that those of you who expect to be served on this and all other levels Canada Goose Parka are all about canada goose store paying these folks a decent Canada Goose Coats On Sale wage and even throw canada goose coats on sale a tip their way. No? Just at the bar? No? Not even Canada Goose Jackets that?Do you resent pumping your own uk canada goose outlet gas? Doing your own dishes? Is that someone else job? What DO canada goose clearance you do for yourselves?I practice what I preach canada goose uk outlet so when I’m the next person in line I’m not worried about how long it’s buy canada goose jacket cheap taking because I know how Canada Goose Online to slow my roll.No, I don’t resent doing my canada goose online outlet store own dishes or pumping my own gas. I enjoy doing lots of things for myself including working a full time job. What canada goose black friday sale I don’t do is step on other people’s canadian goose jacket toes when they are doing the job that they signed up to do and are getting paid to do. If the bagger is taking too long, either make a proper complaint to the business or just wait longer. If someone in the crowd thought I was taking too long to mic up a band and they proceeded to jump on my stage and start putting up microphones to speed up the process, it would bother me quite a bit and I would quickly tell them so.Allowing someone to do their job without interfering is proper etiquette. Calling it lazy is quite a stretch. I agree with what you saying, but you can say that they are swarming with people waiting to uk canada goose do this. Most of the time, the cashier has to bag the groceries after ringing them up, whie the patron Canada Goose sale observes. I agree that my canada goose uk black friday energy is more valuable than this and it not keeping me awake at night.I am surprised at how strongly opposed people are to handling their own shit. Perhaps grocery stores should employ staff to place items into your cheap Canada Goose cart and place them in your pantry when you get them home.When do y take ownership of your groceries? People used to complain about their stuff being bagged poorly.I sure they still do, but it canada goose uk shop “2K18”. Why do you expect others to handle your groceries?You use plastic bags and wasteful paper Canada Goose online on your produce? Why don you just memorize cheap canada goose uk the produce numbers and use mesh reusable produce bags like I do?See, pretty easy to nitpick. Obviously, lots of people are lazy at the grocery store. But, I don have a problem with people not tagging their canada goose clearance sale produce (it seems wasteful to me) and despite what you say, I find most cashiers know most produce canada goose factory sale codes. Hell, I remember a lot of them and I haven worked retail in canada goose coats five years. Also, some people don bag because they need/want to watch the totals.We all know hate the people chatting on their phone who slow things down Canada Goose Outlet at the grocery store or wherever. This is not even a grocery specific. Get over it.