Louis Blues (25th) or the Stars or the Colorado Avalanche in

Go along every day like its normal, she said. Do you know there are lots of people who don want to work down here? Aponte, 19, is too young to remember 9/11, but she, too, knows that feeling. Long before this week attack, she said, she had spent years in school watching documentaries about the 2001 attack and hearing about it from those who went through it.

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There are many religious celebrations and of course a jolly guy that brings a smile to every child face. Most of all it is about being with friends and family. People that make you smile and make you crazy all at once.. Slugger Dale Murphy joined the expansion Rockies in 1993 with 398 career home runs, on the cusp of joining an elite swat fraternity. Alas, Murphy retired with 398 home runs. He hit.143 in 42 at bats for the Rockies.

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