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The makouda, a fried potato sandwich with a heavy slathering of olives and tomato jam on a crisp baguette ($6), is staple of students in Morocco, Bouhmid says. The patties are somewhat reminiscent of falafel, but spicier and squishier, with a brinier bite from the olive salad. Take it to go.

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● Indian Law Commission (Law C ommission of India) – President, Ajit Prakash Shah; ● Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) – President, V. ● National Forest Commission – President, V. ● National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) – Chairman, Dilip Rath
● Border Roads Organisation – DG, Suresh Sharma
● Reserve Bank of India (RBI) – Governor, Urjit Patel. Fake Designer Bags

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