It took about five months

“It took about five months of pursuing her,” Bossi says. “I did manage to get her number from a friend. Then one day, about six months later, I walked out to my car and she was standing there. Two years ago, within walking distance of this spot, a black man named Eric Garner died in a confrontation with police officers. Garner was suspected of selling loose cigarettes; an officer wrestled him to the ground by his neck. His last words “I can’t breathe” were captured on cellphone video that rocketed across the internet..

Reince Priebus (ryns PREE’ bus) calls it the “party of the same old thing.” That’s Priebus’ message Thursday night at the Republican National Convention. He’s planning to go after Democrat Hillary Clinton even more so than praising Republican nominee Donald Trump. Preibus says in prepared remarks that Democrats will “trot out the same old Democrats with the same old message running the same old candidate” at next week’s Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

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Oh, and it was fruit punch. It could have made for an ugly sight with the white pinstriped jersey but luckily for Eaton, he was wearing the black jersey so no one knew any different. Still, it was a little uncomfortable, so right after the celebration he ditched the jersey and did an interview with the WGN TV broadcast crew..

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“It was built without any city tax money, any major donation from any of the industries,” Shulman said. “We did get help from the state on the building, a $250,000 matching grant, but this is a project that costs over $3 million. We said we don’t want any tax benefits; we want to show that you can do it at the community level and not rely on the taxpayers.”.

And, really? A movie from 1932 that sends us a message about the evils of chain gangs? Why don we watch a movie from 1927 to send us a message about the marvels of modern air travel? I see no problem with chaining these pieces of human debris together, and making them work for their keep (for once in their useless lives). They seem to like a lot of exercise when they in the joint, so why not direct their energies toward something more productive than just achieving that “jailhouse buff” so they can look good for their way too early release? What so cruel and unusual about picking up garbage and pulling weeds. Just look at what it costs to have unionized overpaid and underworked Caltrans do the same thing.

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