It is because of your behavior that we rarely see a child

Dear Doctor: Sometime ago you replied to a reader about a sloshing sound and water entering the passenger side footwell in his late model Mustang. I think you mentioned something about a heater box. I had the exact same symptoms but it turned out to be something much less complicated: The drain at the bottom of the outside of the firewall was clogged with leaves and pine needles and the area had filled with water, and it backed up through the cabin air filter.

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Just now, I have just seen from the top of my balcony, not far from the 22nd arrondissement, a new burr of the shitty policemen of this country.
They park their car in front of the gate of the quoted papayer they find a child of the quoted in front of the portal they call to him and ask for his pieces of identity, they show his pieces without resistance and paff the policeman says to him that it is a systematic raid that he must to go up, the young well educated tells them the right in the respect, after some verbal exchanges a very frustrated police officer leaves a baton and begins to beat the young person in front of his portal and makes it to rise by force in the 10 minutes after we see some young people from the neighborhood who were also rounded up who come back, have their request what happened they let us know that as soon as they arrived at 500m at the intersection oscar (boulevard latrille) have asked them to pay the sum of 1 000fr to be released otherwise they will go to sleep in the central (plateau) then they have to pay to be released

Very indignant I would like to make known to the policemen who indulge in these abusive racquets or tortures of innocent people, j Would you like to know that all will turn against your children and grandchildren? You will hurt an innocent person for 1000fr and on Monday morning you will give this money to your children to go to school, be without fear they will use this money to smoke drugs or to play konami or pokers…
It is because of your behavior that we rarely see a child of a police officer who succeeds, when police child has too successful it is father are buying him the police contest to his all to become a policeman

98% of the policemen in Côte d’Ivoire become police not because of the love of the profession but just because the competition was paid to them by their parents

We have we are tired of systematic raids in the commune of cocody, go do these raabobo, they need you there

There’s surely a senior police officer on ODCI I hope you’re going to do something to eradicate this well-organized scams of systematic raids that make your shitty agents…. Hermes Handbags

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