It also works by reducing the melanin production and helps the

There are only 110 Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat’s left in the world. Their status is so precarious, even researchers are only allowed to enter the high security sanctuary once every three years. This year Catalyst reporter Paul Willis was allowed into the wombat’s territory.

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KnockOff Handbags In this article we have given the names of such Indian Biosphere Reserve which are included in the list of UNESCO MAB which can be used as a study material in the preparation of various competitive examinations.

_ * UNESCO MAB List of India’s biosphere reserves included in the list * _

Biosafety Reserve ~ ~ year ~
Nilgiri ~ Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka ~ 2000

Bay of Mannar ~ Tamilnadu ~ 2001 –
Oundrabhan ~ West Bengal ~ 2001

Nanda Devi ~ Uttarakhand ~ 2004

Nokrek ~ Meghalaya ~ 2009

Pachmarhi ~ Madhya Pradesh ~ 2009

Simlipal ~ Orissa ~ 2009

Akankamar-Amarkantak ~ Madhya Pradesh ~ 2012

There are three mutually associated areas of the Biosphere Reserve, which supplement each other and mutually reinforce each other’s work- Core areas; buffer zone ; transition zone. The above list has been given the names of the biosphere reservoirs of India included in the UNESCO MAB list which can be used as a study material in the preparation of various competitive examinations. KnockOff Handbags

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alarm bells
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