Ipaux (who can criticize these actions

For the year I remained at that job, I had the butcher cut a turkey into 8 parts every week. He did it on the band saw in the back of the butcher shop. Not only did the turkey parts cook faster and the drippings go directly into the stuffing, I never worried that some parts were more cooked than others.

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Before you introduce the role of the mayor in his commune, I give you a little summary of the intentions of X who wants to be
He discovered that if he wants to be mayor, he should do everything to to be front of list because, generally, the head of list becomes
So, what role plays the mayor whom you elected or that you will elect in your commune?

X to get the right answers got the texts of law but did not fail to be explained some aspects by one of his friends who knows about decentralization and community < br> In Ivory Coast, the mayor is at the same time agent of the commune and agent of the State and is thus responsible for the maintenance of the order
As an AGENT OF THE COMMON, the mayor is of Firstly, an executive organ of the municipality and as such, it represents the municipality and takes on its behalf administrative decisions, by municipal decrees (it prepares and executes the decisions of the municipal council, orders expenses and contracts on behalf of the municipality and represents it in justice, ensures the execution of the development programs financed by the budget of the municipality or made with the participation of the budget of the State).

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