In fact, it is the whole world who condemned the words of

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Obviously, the words of Donald Trump, the day before yesterday, about Africa and Haiti, are far from the slippages he had used the world The remarks of the American president must be shocking, very shocking According to the Washington Post, during a meeting with senators at the White House to discuss a bipartisan bill on the reception of migrants, to avoid expelling thousands of young people from United States, Donald Trump has had words considered offensive by the world << Why do all these people from shitty countries come here?, He said, referring to Haiti and Africa> >.
In a statement, the Senegalese government did not mince words to strongly condemn these unacceptable remarks that undermine human dignity, that of Africa and its diaspora in the government of the Republic of Senegal has learned with deep indignation the outrageous and racist remarks against Haiti and Africa made by President Donald Trump at a meeting on January 11, 2018 at the White House, writes the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese of More than condemning, Macky Sall, through the person of Minister Sidiki Kaba, convened the United States Ambassador to Senegal, with formal delivery of this protest note from Yesterday, late in the evening, the Embassy the United States in Senegal Replica Hermes Birkin has posted on its Facebook page this message: the relations between Senegal and the United States are close and Senegal is an important partner for us in West Africa and in all In one of his many tweets, Trump says: I have never said anything insulting about Haitians besides the fact that, and it is obvious, Haiti was a very poor country and in But, obviously, the businessman is struggling to Named quoted, Haiti did not delay to the Haitian ambassador to the United States, Paul Altidor, said that the American charge d’affairesin Port-au-Prince would have to explain the statements made by Trump, adds the Several media revealed that the US ambassador in Botswana was worse side of humanity…
In fact, it is the whole world who condemned the words of a president who has already accustomed the planet to its slippage The mainland entity found the terms hurtful and degrading, not only for African Americans, but also for citizens C is all the more hurtful given the historical reality of the number of Africans who arrived in the United States as the UN, either, did not go through four ways to express his sorry, but he does not There is no other word than ‘racist’, said the spokesman of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, during a press briefing at. Hermes Belt Replica

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