If its a quarter or a half quart low maybe not a big deal

It would be more situational than you think. Benches are rarely, if ever, in vital locations on the map, and tables are typically in crowded areas. Now, consider the mop. I looking to get the Crucial Ballistix 2600 memory, even though the Specs say that 2400 is the max for my i7 7600U processor. Any issues with these, since they seem to have the weird cover on them? Should I just go with the slightly cheaper 2400 memory from Crucial? Update: The i7 Processors being used (both 7600u and 7500u) limit the memory speed to 2133 Mhz, per the specs on Intel website (linked below). I can imagine the i5 or i3 having better specs, so I didn check them..

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