If a DC itself is misbehaving

If you understand client auth process in domain, client will ask DNS server for srv records, according to your srv priority / weight servicing DC is allocated to clientsAlso you either set weight or priority, not the both, by setting both conditions you are forcing DC to evaluate both conditionsDC with high weight value will receive maximum requestsDC with low priority value will get maximum requestsI suspect, the changes you made in srv weight or priority are not getting replicated to all DCs and hence its not working, because DCs in same site should have updated values for SRV for all servers in that site to make decisionMahesh is correct, and that was actually my point earlier. If a DC itself is misbehaving, it’ll give bad data to clients authenticating to it, and clients have no reason to look at another DC, and won’t see the workarounds you are trying to implement. The only reliable fix is to get the DC and its bad data off the domain.To be blunt, removing a DC, cleaning up metadata, and setting up a new DC could’ve been done already with the time invested here writing about bad workarounds.

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