I think their biggest thing is

Fabricio Coloccini models the new Newcastle United home shirtThis shirt is more than simply ugly, stupid and apparently designed by a roomful of colour blind chimpanzees armed with a crayoning set. This shirt represents sacrilege, desecration, a wilful sabotage of what we hold dear. This is not a design, this is not a fashion item, this is not a crossover amalgam of leisure and sporting wear with a modernist twist.

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Brees audibled to a play at the line of scrimmage and Gamble read the route and jumped Brees’ back shoulder pass to Colston. Gamble had safety help over the top from Sherrod Martin and was looking for Brees’ pass. To his credit, Brees did make an excellent tackle on Gamble’s return, though. Veteran move by Darren Sharper to not engage an emotional Steve Smith after his late sideline hit.

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