I ended up with a FB of their Tubereuse and he made me a

Nina Ricci’s perfume distribution in the US is spotty. You can find the old classic L’Air du Temps at Nordstrom or Macy’s, and Macy’s also has the youth oriented Nina. That’s about it. Temperature All chemicals and nutrients including antioxidants are destroyed by very high heat, but it’s a matter of degree, literally. In other words, some chemicals are much more sensitive to heat than others, but all eventually have a “melting point.” The temperatures used for cooking in most household kitchens are enough to destroy particularly heat sensitive antioxidants such as vitamin C, but the antioxidants in some foods actually become more potent with heat. For example, when tomatoes are cooked for 30 minutes at 190 degrees Fahrenheit, they lose almost 30 percent of their vitamin C, but 35 percent more lycopene becomes available, according to a 2009 article in “Scientific American.” Beta carotene levels in carrots also increase with moderate heat..

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