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Father: I’m sure you’re going to be the first step.

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May 2008: Introduction of ACP Application to Ministry of Construction Services after payment of all 200 8: the topographic survey shows that the field of Mr AHIPEAUD is the 1st limited of the 2010: Mr DEMBELE intermediary of Family and Education contact Mr AHIPEAUD to say to move his ground, refusal categorical of Mr 2010: Mr AHIPEAUD makes build a fence with inside the terminals and made land registration at the court of Abidjan by a bailiff of 2013: Sodecaf Construction belonging to Martin Frigola one of the founders of Family and Education destroyed at the instigation of Family and Education a pan (70m) of the closing of Mr. AHIPEAUD and is introduced on the parcel to destroy the signs indicating the titles of property of Mr November 2014: Conviction of Sodecaf Construction with the https://www.abaghermes.com repairing of the damage undergone by Mr. December 2014: Family and Education makes an offer of purchase to Master ENOKOU Gustave the lawyer of Mr AHIPEAUD, refusal of Mr AHIPEAUD
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31 May 2016: Mr. Hermes Replica Handbags

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