Here we learn that not only are the Judas Breed bugs now human

The dress, designed by Clare Waight Keller, was free of extravagant embellishments. It was not covered in yards of delicate lace. It did not have a single ruffle no pearls or crystals. One would think that a quarterback who guides a team to its first playoff berth in 17 seasons would be the starting point to taking another step forward in a subsequent season.Tyrod Taylor, despite helping lead the Buffalo Bills to their first playoff game since 2000, was unceremoniously traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason. It was a move that was foreshadowed as he was benched during the final game of 2016 season, his contract renegotiation where he was given less money, and the Bills traded for additional 2018 pick to draft a quarterback, finally made Taylor departure come to fruition in March.Now, the Bills have a trio of arms challenging for playing time at the quarterback position. AJ McCarron, Nathan Peterman, and rookie Josh Allen will all vie for the top spot vacated by Buffalo trade of Taylor.McCarron most likely has the first crack at first team reps when camp opens on July 26.

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