For your own celebration, get one of Bayou’s modern king

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Cheap Celine bag Mardi Gras is a two week party that happens all over the streets of New Orleans and, thanks to Chef David Guas, at Replica Celine Handbags Bayou Bakery in the Nation’s capital. Hosted in a tent outside the historic carriage house, the Annual Bayou Gras Block Party lets guests devour traditional muffulettas (sandwiches of mortadella, ham, salami, cheese and marinated olives) of epic proportions, andouille shrimp gumbo and a little lagniappe offering of sweet pralines. For your own celebration, get one of Bayou’s modern king cakes: handcrafted brioche filled with Creole cream cheese and, following tradition, a hidden baby. Cheap Celine bag

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