Even if you are not Jewish, you’ll possibly know some of the

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It is more and more recurrent to hear this sentence from the mouth of some Ivorians and even some supporters of the regime
Ce would be totally dishonest to claim that the opposition is fully satisfactory but it is important to do some things. WHAT IS POLITICAL OPPOSITION?

In politics, the opposition designates all the movements and parties that oppose the political forces holding the
– First of all, the opposition constitutes a counter-power: it allows avoid that the majority, once in power, is tempted to pursue a policy that infringes on rights and to fulfill this function, the means available to the opposition are guaranteed by the constitution. The arrival of Ouattara in power, he took a decree prohibiting the
The public media are confiscated while the private newspapers are watched like milk on fire regularly training suspensions of several
– The opposition represents also the possibility of a political alternation: it participates in the existence of political pluralism, which is one of the bases of the
– Finally, the opposition also allows to renew the political staff: when the majority loses the power,a new generation of politicians can find a prominent place in the opposition and thus prepare to assume important functions during a victory in
The functions 2 and 3 come under the possibility for the opponents to participate in democratic and transparent elections in order to propose alternation
The political opposition, it is not the
CONCLUSION: The opposition can exist only if the political system is organized and recognizes its rights (even a minimum of rights). Hermes Replica Belt

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