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I end up going up and apeine she started that we were arriving at my house.
Lady x was wondering what I was doing in life and if I was married or in a relationship I told her that I am looking for work and that I had a fiance whom I loved from all my heart and the lady and I have exchanged our numbers before we
Two days later my mother found me in my room and told me that I had some visit I was surprised since I was not expecting anyone so I asked my mom to know who it was? I asked him, going to the living room I recognized the lady who I had done service two days ago, I said to her but that made you here surprised to see her, she told me what had come to a race in the vicinity and I wanted to say hello I said Then I drove the lady to his car but telling him that I would have liked a call or a sms before coming because I could have been embarrassed if my fiance was the thing that I wanted and more than my family know her I would not want it to be misunderstood between my girlfriends and She tells me she will not do the same next time and we leave us.
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