Catalyst reporter joins the tree climbing scientists in the

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Replica Bags Wholesale History of Ancient India: General Knowledge

● The first foreign traveler who traveled by India- Phahyan
● Who searched for zero- Aryabhatta

Which book has 15 Indian languages ​​and 40 foreigners? Translated into languages ​​- Panchatantra
● What is Pneumatics – Study of coins and metals
● Who created the ‘Hitopadesh’ composition – Narayan Pandit
● Who created the ‘Natya Shastra’ – Bharat Muni
● Vikram When the Samvat was inaugurated- 57 ● Where is Ankorwat located – In Cambodia
● What was the means of human beings in the Palaeolithic era? Hunting

Which era is called ‘Chalcolithic age’ – Tamaradhya era To
● Who is the author of ‘Swapanavasavadata’ – Language
● Who was famous for Nalanda University – Buddhist philosophy

Who is the earliest ancestor of modern human – chromagen man
● Devanagari script Of What is the most basic form – Brahim script? ● Who is the author of the novel – Banabhatta? ● Who are the writers of Subhitvali – Peacock
● Takshshila Nagar was situated in the middle of the rivers – Indus and catch
Bhimbetka Famous for whom- Caves of Caves
● Which ancient script was written from left to right on the left in the ancient India? – Saraswati script. ● What is the use of grain in ancient times – Rice
● Which of the history of Indian history Source is silence on the trade routes of ancient India- Milind Panhau
● Who first asked India India – Greeks

Megasthenes has described whose reign in his book Indica – Chandragupta Maurya
● Chinese Traveler Hinensang first reached the Indian state – Kapisa
● The first mention of Bharat Varsha in which archive – in the elephant caves record ● ● Why do the records of the records It is called ‘epigraphy’. ● People of Indus Civilization were residents of what area – Mediterranean
● Where did Gautam Buddha bestow his preaching – in Shravasti Sikandar whose disciple was – Aristotle’s < Who was the commander of Alexander - Cellus Nicator
● Who has circulated the inscriptions in India- Ashok

What has Ashoka been told in Puranas – Ashok Vardhan
● Construction of ‘Bharhoot Stupa’ Who did it? Pushyamitra Sung
●The invention of silk making was first invented in what country – in China

Who was the founder of the Gupta Dynasty – Shri Gupta
● The time of the art of making the temple was born – in the Gupta period

‘Dear Darshan Which ruler has composed the Sanskrit texts called ‘Harsh Vardhan’? Which ruler was the architect of ‘Nagananda’ – Harshvardhan? ● What is the cave of Ajanta related to which religion? ● The lake of Sidarshan lake Who has done the revamp – Skandagupta


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