“”Better monitoring and control systems are seen as key to

replica canada goose outlet The report, funded through Microsoft’s Academic Programs initiative and prepared by researchers from the Massey Business School, examined the impact of cloud computing and other potentially disruptive technologies on the sector.Researchers interviewed both technologists and members of the agrifood industry and found there was a gap between how the two groups perceive the future.”In the agricultural industry people are making really pragmatic business decisions to invest heavily in technology,” says lead researcher Professor Stephen Kelly, “but they firmly believe that tomorrow will be like today, just with more technology added.”Meanwhile the technologists are predicting change at an Canada Goose Outlet unprecedented rate, causing major disruption to business practices and models.”Professor Kelly says the significance of the findings should not be underestimated as there could be major implications for the sector.”What the agrifood sector is currently doing is brilliant, they are agile, very accepting of new technology and continually looking for Cheap Canada Goose better ways of doing things. But most aren’t visualising what the industry will look like in 10 years time.”He says New Zealand should prepare for the arrival of large, global corporates that can produce so efficiently that cost structures could be halved in a relatively short period of time.”If that happened, most New Zealand businesses would not be able to compete using their current business models. There are only a few ways to compete: follow a corporate model but you need a lot of capital; find a niche, which is getting increasingly difficult; or take a collaborative network approach.”Collaboration would allow smaller firms to get the benefits of associating with larger pillar firms that are better resourced and integrated into global networks.””Better monitoring and control systems are seen as key to reducing negative environmental impacts and closing biosecurity gaps,” Professor Kelly says. replica canada goose outlet

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