All of these fit the typical police car profile large sedans

The study was therefore not suitable to support the claims made in the adverts.Reebok was therefore prevented from using the adverts is such form.Chums LtdEarlier this month an adjudication was upheld against the advert placed in the press by the online clothing store, Chums Ltd.The advert for a free boots offer was headlined “FREE PAIR OF MEN’S AND LADIES [sic] WATERPROOF BOOTS FOR EVERY READER”. The text next to a picture of a pair of boots stated “BUY ONE PAIR FOR GET A SECOND PAIR FREE”. Smaller text below stated “THAT’S LESS THAN PER PAIR! TERRIFIC VALUE!”.This advert was challenged on the basis that the claim was misleading, as the complainant believed that the price had been inflated to cover the cost of the “free” boots.The claim was upheld as Chums failed to provide evidence to demonstrate that the boots had ever been sold at It was therefore considered that Chums had inflated the price of a single pair of boots to cover the cost of the purportedly free pair.Chums was also prevented from using the advert in such form.These adjudications reinforce the necessity for retailers to provide accurate information in adverts, and the dangers that exist for retailers who do not comply with the ASA’s Code.

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