Algae laden waters produce greener skin

Interview with Alligator Differences between Alligators and Crocodiles

Interview with Alligatorme Nice to meet you Mr. Alligator. I’m trying to learn more about alligators and crocodiles from the canada goose black friday sale source. Do you have some time to talk?

Alligator Time? You must be kidding. cheap canada goose uk What else do I have to do out here in the swamp all day? And you can call me canada goose factory sale Al.

BTW, how did you know I canada goose uk black friday was a guy gator?

me I took a wild guess, Al, based on the tee shirt canada goose uk outlet you are wearing: “Ask uk canada goose to see my Abs!”

Al Cool, huh? It was a gift from canada goose coats the last human I encountered (laughs crazily). He thought I would offer him professional courtesy cause he was a ‘gator’ Canada Goose Online a University of Florida grad.

He didn’t realize we gators are equal opportunity eaters canada goose uk shop everyone is a potential meal.

Whoa, just joking. uk canada goose outlet You don’t have to retreat. I would never eat an interviewer. Bad Karma!

Al That’s our favorite food rats. You know large rodents. Without us, canada goose clearance the rat population would be Canada Goose Parka out of control. We Canada Goose online sale also eat snakes, birds, turtles (not easy), fish and small mammals. As we grow larger, we eat larger food like deer, or perhaps a lost hog, or even a wandering cow or two.

Crocodiles are larger and can ambush monkeys, deer, zebras, even Cape buffalos. They often perform the ‘death roll’ which is rolling the prey canada goose coats on sale over and over in the water while ripping buy canada goose jacket cheap off large chunks for dinner.

me You are a carnivore then.

Al Oh, yeah, meat is our favorite food. We ambush our prey by stealth. We swim either underwater or quietly on top of the water until we can strike. Then buy canada goose jacket we use the strength in our massive tails to explode upon canada goose store our prey, grab it in our jaws and drag it underwater to drown. A large meal can keep us satisfied for up to six months.

me This may sound Canada Goose sale strange but I once Canada Goose online saw an alligator swallowing a large rock.

Al Yes, the rocks help us to grind down and digest food we may have consumed. We don’t have rocks in our heads, just rocks in our stomachs some gator humor there.

me Do you canada goose know you resemble a prehistoric beast?

Differences between alligators and crocodilesme How can I tell an alligator from a crocodile?

Al The best way to tell us apart is the shape of our snout and the canada goose clearance sale visibility of our teeth.

Alligators have wider, broader heads with more rounded blunt, ‘U shaped’ snouts. When our jaws are closed, fewer teeth are visible.

Crocodiles have longer, more tapered, narrow, pointy snouts that form a ‘V’ toward cheap Canada Goose the end.

And if you’re brave enough to get close, you can see the lower teeth stick out Canada Goose Jackets past Canada Goose Outlet its closed jaws.

Especially its fourth tooth which protrudes in the middle. That’s why crocs have that quaint buck toothed look.

Speaking of teeth, our teeth continue to grow throughout our life. If we lose or break one off, another grows to replace it.

Body color. Alligators are darker, nearly black or gray. Crocodiles are usually olive green or brown, Canada Goose Coats On Sale but color is very dependent on water quality. Algae laden waters produce greener skin, while tannic acid from overhanging trees may canadian goose jacket produce darker skin.

Scales. Crocodiles have a small dark spot or dimple on each overlapping scale (called a scute) which acts as a sensory pit to detect prey and water pressure changes. You can easily see these spots on crocodile leather goods. Alligators have these sensory organs only around their jaws.

Family. Both are Crocodilians. Alligators are members of the Alligatoridae family; crocodiles are members of the Crocodylidae family. (Youngsters of both families have difficulty learning to spell their family names).