Socialism as a Religion

In spite of the pronouncement of Karl Marx, that religion is opium for the people, the by this ideology convinced ones are in my opinion nothing else then Canada Goose Coats On Sale followers or true cheap canada goose uk believers of this ideology.

For, what do they canada goose factory sale worship as followers like communists and like socialists?

The socialists annex communists mean that the individual must be subordinate to the state or society. canadian goose jacket The state is more important then the single individual and therefore all must adjust to and fit for that.

This is going so far, that because of party political guidelines, important individual interests are placed second to this and are also executed.

Then it is being expected that each individual put the communistic or socialistic ideals above these of Canada Goose online themselves.

This is therewith directly the landing stage or medium for a dictatorship.

The socialistic or communistic states have proven this in the past history buy canada goose jacket cheap till nowadays.

For, the person in the to the comrades guidance giving party cadre, who sneaky takes over the power, can account canada goose black friday sale on to an indoctrination prepared and equalized very believing mass of canada goose store infantry.

After that the public worships are coming in work in the shape of canada goose outlet vancouver processions or parades on the occasion of some rubbish abstract party political ideas.

The parades in the former Berlin, on the Red Square canada goose uk outlet in Canada Goose Jackets Moscow, in China, uk canada goose outlet N Korea, Cambodia, etc. are of an enormous scale as are the like apartments building Canada Goose Online big portraits of the party leaders of the same ‘religion’.

They have proclaimed themselves as Idols and want a deadly canada goose worshipping by their cheap Canada Goose ‘comrades’.

Remarkable is it thereby that extreme robot like movements are made as the military Canada Goose Parka goose step or the mass waving with flags and banners as a mark of canada goose coats on sale honor to the supreme party leaders.

Also every morning is there at a certain time the official State ‘prayer’ to be heard over hundreds of speakers, where the blessings of the Ideal State and the ‘brilliant’ ideas and many canada goose uk black friday year uk canada goose planning’s from the Party Administration in triumph are being broadcasted.

Self evident are there acolytes in this mass service who are controlling if everyone is listening well Canada Goose sale and if there the by the government meant broadcasting is put on, so that the laid on ‘blessings’ can stir the brain cavities.

Yes, you canada goose uk shop are being disturbed indeed.

One can see these dictatorial signals just every day.

For example the milieu idolatry, where all socialistic servants or believers uniformly generate the most various and wild plans canada goose coats to teach the unbelievers a lesson.

More worse, here in The Netherlands, polders are put under water again as a sacrifice to Mother Nature and because of the Idol Milieu.

The former Canada Goose Outlet and yet believing minority of Christians are shocked.

And there are the crazy making and very irritating and very frequently pushed on bleating advertisements in and on all of the media with the milieu as leading element.

This is making the few normal thinking people stark mad and could break one’s spirit so to say.

The frequently totally non valid arguments are being repeated endlessly, so that the socialistic societies with her slavish believers are sweetly going to follow.

These over the whole world caused whirl, which is being whipped up by some people, who has interest canada goose clearance in it, absorbs every normal creative and buy canada goose jacket sane process canada goose clearance sale of thinking of good willing and motivated non socialists.

There is going an untold quantity of money from the society in un controllable and un traceable organizations with insane plans and ideas.

With the above handed over as parts to the reader to think it over, I will make my conclusion, that I know in fact no better indoctrinated believers then those of the communistic or related socialistic ideology.

The Left Church appears to have yet a reasonable amount of believers and an inimitable liturgy for the well thinking good willing non believing non socialist.